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Artists and Associations

Voodoo Joint
Voodoo Joint joins together with the MusicMaker Foundation to assist former musical legends of the early musical traditions of jazz and blues. Check it out to see how you can help these musical legends...>>>

Dirrty Records is proud to welcome Athanator to the Dirrty Records family. The band is an aggressive, four piece thrash metal band from Medell?n, Colombia...>>>

The Grammy's
Dirrty Records is a member in good standing of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Grammy Organization. Read more about this music industry organization...>>>

Rock Junkie
The Rock Junkie line of apparel is available from Dirrty Records, as well as at RockJunkie.com. A full line of Rock Junkie apparel will be available in the near future...

grammy.com Join Dirrty Records and many others in supporting MusiCares. Every day, MusiCares helps people we all know whether it's a young guitar player who is about to undergo surgery without health insurance; a veteran pianist whose hand injury will prevent him from performing for an extended period; the family of a beloved blues artist who cannot afford to pay for his funeral; or a songwriter who has found that substance abuse is consuming his life. MusiCares can and does help...   www.musicares.com

The Valentine Failures are a band from Dallas, Texas and are hot. Check 'em out at www.myspace.com/thevalentinefailures

Athanator's new album "The Perfect Enemy" will hit the streets on September 4th check out www.myspace.com/athanator for more information.

Help support the great musicial legends at www.voodoojoint.com

Blood Fire - the film
Palmetto Entertainment Group (PEG) is an entertainment production company created to develop, finance, produce and distribute films for theatrical, home video and digital release. Palmetto Entertainment Group includes: movie production company Palmetto Films, distributor Palmetto Releasing and Palmetto Movie Ranch located in South Carolina.

Peligro   Peligro   Peligro

Join the Dirrty E-Team
Join the Dirrty Records e-team and qualify for free Hendrix, Nirvana, and Bob Marley gear.


Dirrty Records recently announced the discovery of a Dirrty Bomb. A new marketing/brand management company that will focus intensively on Brand Development/Marketing for exciting new domestic and international artists. Keep a watchful eye around your nations borders and nearest cities to find out where these Dirrty Bombs will attack.

Skrambled Kaos


Dirrty Records South

Dirrty Records Founder/CEO Lunden De'Leon announced today the opening of Dirrty Records South and Dirrty Crib Recording Studio located in South Carolina. Dirrty Records South provides distribution, marketing and promotional support for underground hip-hop artists in the south. The first artist signed to Dirrty South is Bronx-born, South Carolina-bred singer/songwriter Willie D. His album will be released on Dirrty Records this fall.

Kill Jill starring Lunden DeLeon
Palmetto Entertainment Group

"The living are overrated, death is in" -Dead Party Band- www.myspace.com/deathpartyband

Band News


Dirrty Records welcomes Athanator to the company family. An aggressive, four piece thrash metal band from Medell?n, Colombia. After making a big splash in South America, Anthanator album will hit the US this spring. ATHANATOR has been nominated for a Mucha Musica award for best metal video for "Walk Down the Dark". The band will also headline the Ancon festival with other top acts from Colombia. Please visit www.athanator.com for more info.



If you're a MySpace member, please stop by, say hello, and add Dirrty Records to your Top Friends List.



Dirrty Records is a proud a supporter of The Black Rock Coalition. Their latest compilation, released inconjunction with it's 20th Anniversary, features 21 kick-ass tracks from around the world. check them out www.blackrockcoalition.org 


Afro-Punk, a 66-minute documentary exploring race identity within the punk scene with interviews and performances by Bad Brains, Fishbone, 247-Spyz Candiria and many more. http://www.afropunk.com 

Who is Jane Doe?

After polishing their musical chops for years in the smokey bars of Los Angeles, Who's Jane Doe? busted down the doors of the punk rock scene in 2007 and soon signed to Dirrty Records. The band's latest self titled album blends singer L.D.'s soaring power chords and heart-pounding punk. With standout tracks like "Tired," dominating online and radio airwaves far and wide, Who's Jane Doe? is an essential addition to any punk rock library.


One of the noisest, thrashin’est bands roaring out of Seattle Washington, The Slumps mash-up punk rock is among the most energetic and explosive sounds in the country. With a true passion for simply playing music The Slumps promises to be one of the entertaining acts of the upcoming decade.



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